11th International Symposium of Byzantine Sigillography


9 - 10 May 2014

Pera Museum Auditorium

The International Symposium of Byzantine Sigillography is organized by the International Committee of Sigillography every five years between the two general congresses gathering Byzantinists from all over the world. This 11th symposium in İstanbul will be held at the Pera Museum on 9 – 10 May 2014, and is jointly organized by the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation and University of Paris-Sorbonne. It brings together specialists in Byzantine sigillography from many countries. This year, it especially focuses on the Eastern provinces, but its main contribution will be the presentation of unpublished seals from excavations or collections. For the first time, several specialists join from Turkey and present seals from the collections of Turkish museums. The wealth of their collections in this field has not yet been fully explored. This symposium should serve as a starting point of a systematic exploration of these museums’ collections.

Click here for the symposium program.

Symposium Abstracts

Alexandra-Kyriaki Wassiliou-Seibt
Andreas Gkoutzioukostas, Alexandra-Kyriaki Wassiliou-Seibt
Béatrice Caseau
Cécile Morrisson, Vivien Prigent
Christos Stavrakos
Claudia Sode
Elena Stepanova
Esra Güzel Erdoğan
Ioanna Koltsida-Makri
Ioannis Leontiades, Andreas Gkoutzioukostas
Ivan Jordanov
Jean-Claude Cheynet
Jonathan Shea
Maria Campagnolo-Pothitou
Nicholas Alekseienko
Nicholas Alekseienko, Viktoria Nessel, Jury Tzepkov
Nilgün Elam
Oleksandr Alforov
Olga Karagiorgou
Pagona Papadopoulou
Theodoros Kourempanas
Valeriy Stepanenko
Vujadin Ivanisevic
Werner Seibt
Zhenya Zhekova

In collaboration