58th Library Week

Organizing Bookshelves


31 March 2022 / 19:30 - 20:30 Geçmiş Aktivite

How does one keep a functional and tidy bookshelf? Books can be sorted according to size, publisher, or author. But are these methods enough to keep everything organized? Or do the books end up in stacked piles around the room once we can no longer deal with how to get everything organized? 

In partnership with Pera Learning, the Istanbul Research Institute presents a bookshelf organizing workshop on occasion of the 58th Library Week. In this workshop, we talk about the labels seen on library books and what they indicate, and learn about the general history of the concept of library. After learning more about libraries and book categorization, we make our bookshelves more practical and colorful.


Books at home
Colorful stickers
Transparent tape / protective tape
White book labels / A4 paper

Instructor: Furkan Sevim
Ages: 18 and above
Duration: 60 minutes
Capacity: 30 participants 

Organized in collaboration with Pera Museum Learning Programs, the event will take place on the Zoom Meeting app, with a guided online exhibition tour followed by a workshop activity on the exhibition.

Participants must have their webcams and microphones enabled in order for the instructor to see the participants and provide instructions. By registering, participants give their consent for the above.

The event is free-of-charge, but reservation is required.

For more information: ogrenme@peramuzesi.org.tr

Our quota is full, thank you for your interest.