Pera Film

Views of Ottoman Empire Selection


04 December 2015

Sessions: 14:00 | 16:00
1911-1928, Black & White and Color

Restoration: EYE Filmmuseum, Cineteca di Bologna, Yugoslovenska Kinoteka, Filmmuseum Austria, Imperial War Museum, Filmarchiv Austria, Library of Congress, British Film Institute
First Session Music: Çiğdem Borucu Erdoğan, Güniz Alkaç, Nurcan Betül Arısoy 
Second Session Music: Grup Burgaz'dan Sonra Heybeliada

Any city that has ever been part of the Ottoman Empire, even if it had separated from the imperial territory decades before the discovery of cinematography, can be included if the images reflect its Ottoman heritage.

The film will be introduced by Elif Rongen-Kaynakçı.

Pera Museum Auditorium

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