The Four-Legged Municipality

Street Dogs of İstanbul

The Four-Legged Municipality: Street Dogs of İstanbul exhibition focuses on street dogs that were regarded as the inhabitants of the city from the conquest through early nineteenth century, and on the transformation of their status in the Tanzimat Period as a result of the changing political and social conditions. In the exhibition catalogue, it is possible to find first the adventure of street dogs in the late Ottoman period, and then the story of their purging to Hayırsızada (Sivriada) in 1910. The catalogue also features articles by curator Ekrem Işın and counsellor Catherine Pinguet presenting a general overview of the subject alongside a selection of photographs, engravings, books, and journals from the Photography Collection of Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation, Pierre de Gigord Collection, Galeri Alfa Collection. 

İstanbul Research Institute Catalogues 17
October 2016
210 pages
ISBN: 978-605-4642-63-2