18th Century İstanbul Houses

Architecture, Property Income, Comfort, Privacy

H. Gökçen Akgün Özkaya

Initiated in 2011 and publishing original works on the history, archaeology, historic topography, and architecture of İstanbul, the İstanbul Research Series is comprised of works written by graduate students or independent researchers. As the 5th publication of this series, 18th Century İstanbul Houses: Architecture, Property Income, Comfort, Privacy focuses on the residential culture of İstanbul.

With the exception of a few idealizations based on the limited number of buildings available, there is very little serious research on the history and living conditions of İstanbul houses. It is, therefore, quite important to increase this number and to create a new start and grounds of discussion for fresh research and studies. Written with the same objectives, this book is designed to push open the door of this lesser known area through certain historiographic materials that have never been used.

Centered on mid-18th century, on a twenty-two year period, the book focuses on the houses of middle and upper-middle class urbanites and explores the residential culture and standards, as well as living and comfort conditions of İstanbul. Based on quantitative analyses and statistical data obtained as part of the study, the book not only evaluates the spatial components and organization of homes, standards of privacy, and relations with the street, but also addresses other headings such as the different urban groups living in İstanbul and their distribution across the city, the intensity of the urban fabric, and the emergence and development of (unearned) property income.

March 2015
284 pages
ISBN: 978-605-4642-52-6