İstanbul Earthquake of 1766

1766 marks a turning point in İstanbul’s history of natural disasters. The earthquakes of 22 May and 5 August not only claim many lives, but also destroy a great many buildings in the city. 

Published as the second book of İstanbul Studies Series, İstanbul Earthquake of 1766 is an attempt at writing an overall restoration of the city through the destroyed works of architecture. Based on Ottoman archival documents, the book focuses on the consequences of the “strong earthquake” of 22 May 1766 and the recovery of the structural damage it caused; along with the features of building restoration and the main techniques employed in 18th-century world of architecture, the work also presents an overall assessment of the architectural terminology of the period.

The detailed study of some of the comprehensive, post-earthquake repairs also reflects the search for the methods through which the discovery of repair can be used in shedding light upon the history of restoration.

April, 2011
310 pages
ISBN: 978-975-9123-84-0