The Old Venetian Settlement of İstanbul and its Transformation

İstanbul Research Institute began the İstanbul Studies Series, which publishes original studies on the history, archaeology, historic topography, and architecture of İstanbul with The Old Venetian Settlement of İstanbul and its Transformation in 2011. The series in question is comprised of both original graduate theses and studies conducted by independent researchers. The first book of the series addresses the Venetian settlement, which has been subject to little research to date although it carries great significance in terms of the historic topography of İstanbul during Byzantine and Ottoman times. Written as İstanbul Technical University School of Architecture-Department of Architecture History faculty member Associate Prof. Aygül Ağır’s Ph.D. thesis on the Venetian settlement once located on the southern banks of the Golden Horn as the center of the commercial activities that sustained the daily life of İstanbul, this thorough research is the first of its kind to bring to life the Venetian settlement upon a historical topography based on Venetian and Ottoman archive documents.

November, 2011
286 pages
ISBN: 978-975-9123-64-2