YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies Early Career Article Prize

Istanbul Research Institute is establishing YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies Early Career Article Prize to support researchers who conduct innovative studies in their field, and who are in the early stages of their carreers. Every year, the winning entry will be selected by YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies Advisory and Editorial boards and among articles sent for publication in YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies and shortlisted by its reviewers.

The prize is given to English or Turkish language articles, written on a significant subject matter, strong in linguistic expression, regardless of discipline or historical period, which can contribute to the field of Istanbul Studies, and which are methodologically sound with potential to initiate further discussion.

The authors of those articles that will be shortlisted for the prize must be doctoral students, or they must have defended their doctoral theses within the last 5 years.

Authors pledge that the articles have not been previously published in any language, and that their articles will be featured in YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies as an original work.

The winning article will be awarded a 3.000 TL prize, as well as a 5-year subscription to the print version of YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies.



2022:  Orçun Can Okan –  Projections of Xenophobia: The Capitulations, Employment, and Anglo-Turkish Relations in the 1920s

2021: Ezgi Dikici – Eunuchs and the City: Residences and Real Estate Owned by Court Eunuchs in Late Sixteenth-Century Istanbul

2020: Akif Ercihan Yerlioğlu – “‘May Those Who Understand What I Wrote Remember This Humble One’: Paratextual Elements in Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Medical Manuscripts”

2019: Nilay Özlü – “Silent Guardians of the Regime: The ‘Lost’ Police Stations of the Topkapı Palace