Exhibition Catalogues

Mindful Seed Speaking Soil
Village Institutes of the Republic 1940-1954

From the Shores of the Nile to the Bosphorus
Traces of the Kavalalı Mehmed Ali Pasha Dynasty in İstanbul

The Crescent And The Sun
Three Japanese in Istanbul
Yamada Torajiro, Ito Chuta, Otani Kozui

From the Capital of the Empire the Modern City of the Republic
Henri Prost's İstanbul Plans (1936-1951)

City of the Black Calpak 1923-1938

Wooden İstanbul
Examples from Housing Architecture

Cities of the Three Books
Jerusalem and the Holy Land in 19th-century photographs

Long Stories
İstanbul in the Panoramas of Melling and Dunn

The Dervishes of Sovereignty, The Sovereignty of Dervishes
The Mevlevi Order in İstanbul

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